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XPN - Delta Electrolytes

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Delta Electrolytes formula is the most concentrated on the market.

- More than 1711 mg of electrolyte sources, in addition to the Himalayan Pink Salt.

- Mixed with Fibersol-2, a clinically proven fiber that improves mineral absorption.

- 500 mg Vitamin C, protecting cells from oxidative damage from physical activity.

MEDICINAL INGREDIENTS (per serving of 8 g):
Trimagnesium citrate... 200 mg
Providing 30.4 mg of magnesium

Magnesium fumarate... 237 mg
Providing 41.5 mg of magnesium

Magnesium glycinate... 200 mg
Providing 28 mg of magnesium

Calcium ascorbate... 552 mg
Providing 52 mg of Calcium

Tripotassium citrate ... 522 mg
Providing 200 mg of Potassium

Vitamin C.... 500 mg (calcium ascorbate)

Resistant Dextrin Fibersol®-2, Pink Himalayan Salt (30.4 mg Sodium, 38.5 mg Chloride)


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