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4" - Green Velcro Patch Weightlifting Belt

Product image 14" - Green Velcro Patch Weightlifting Belt
Product image 24" - Green Velcro Patch Weightlifting Belt
Product image 34" - Green Velcro Patch Weightlifting Belt
Product image 44" - Green Velcro Patch Weightlifting Belt

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The most tacti-COOL training belt ever created!  

The entire back of this belt is covered in the loop side of velcro so you can customize it with your favorite velcro-backed patches!  Comes with a 2P Flag starter patch! This belt is 95% covered in velcro and the 5% visible is olive green.

Support your core as you lift heavy

Transition easily between movements

Stay confidently locked in with our WODClamp™

A weightlifting belt is worn around the waist to provide support and stability to the lower back and core during heavy lifts. It reminds you to brace and engage your core, and it's an essential piece of training equipment for any athlete hoping to improve their strength.


✔️ Support your core and protect your back on squats, deadlifts, snatches, and cleans

✔️ Stay comfortable and never pinch as you go for your next PR

✔️ Stay easily locked in as you transition between lifts & movements


🚫 Fix poor form

🚫 Replace a weak core

🚫 Only work if you're a professional or elite level athlete

4" straight belt option for those that desire a IFW compliant olympic weightlifting belt.


  • A weightlifting belt should be worn securely above your hips and below your ribs, centered around your belly button for maximum engagement.

Follow this link on how to size yourself at home:

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