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4" - Mermaid (Sparkle) Straight Weightlifting Belt

Product image 14" - Mermaid (Sparkle) Straight Weightlifting Belt
Product image 24" - Mermaid (Sparkle) Straight Weightlifting Belt
Product image 34" - Mermaid (Sparkle) Straight Weightlifting Belt
Product image 44" - Mermaid (Sparkle) Straight Weightlifting Belt

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The belt that you've seen all the strong ladies on social media rocking!  

The AMRAP straight belt by #2POOD is TURQUOISE SPARKLES!!!  

I can already hear Sebastian singing "Under the Sea"!


Follow this link on how to size yourself at home:

The straight belt worn by the pros and olympians, like Mattie Rogers, CJ Cummings, Jacob Heppner, Amanda Barnhart, Nick Urankar, Chyna Cho and countless others.

4" straight belt option for those that desire a IFW compliant olympic weightlifting belt.

This belt is equipped with the WODclamp™ feature for added 1RM security!  

Take your workout to the next level with incredible support for your abdomen and lower back -— to help you get the most out of your squats, deadlifts, hang cleans, etc.   It's ready for any workout but you'll barely know you're wearing it. Equipped with a quick-adjust steel buckle and hook-and-loop fastening system, it also allows quick release for easily moving between workouts.

Amazing looks and performs even better!

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