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Women's Apex Victory Grips 3-FC Classic

Product image 1Women's Apex Victory Grips 3-FC Classic
Product image 2Women's Apex Victory Grips 3-FC Classic
Product image 3Women's Apex Victory Grips 3-FC Classic
Product image 4Women's Apex Victory Grips 3-FC Classic
Product image 5Women's Apex Victory Grips 3-FC Classic

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APEX is the tip of the spear in performance, comfort and protection. The outside material is a rubber polymer engineered to have the optimal coefficient of friction (grip). The inside material that touches the hand is a soft Kevlar blend for ultimate protection. These grips are thickest at 2.5mm. They will protect the most gentle of hands and stand up to the largest of athletes no matter the training volume.

Our Classic design features a minimalist wrist application that pairs well with wristbands, watches, Whoops, and other wearables.

The 3-Finger protects you from ripping across all fingers and gives you total palm coverage – so your hands stay rip-free inside the gym and ready for whatever you do outside of the gym.


**3-Finger grips are designed and intended to be used with fingers through the finger holes. These grips are not designed to be flapped over the bar and used as fingerless. Use of the grips without utilizing the finger holes will void the warranty.

  • Thickness: 2.4mm
  • Protection: High
  • Rep Scheme Volume: High
  • Environmental Condition: Rain, Hot, Cold
  • Bar Type: Powder Coated & Speal Bars (Bare Steel)
General Care: Hand wash or use a delicate machine cycle–detergent only–then air dry.

Spot cleaning: Wipe down the black rubber side with either straight white vinegar or rubbing alcohol to strip off any residue.
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